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Song and dedicated to whom????
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Fuck you by Lily allen..
to the assholes out there
18-10-12 17:05 Reply
Bella75 I rather hv bad tyms with u than gud tyms with sum1 else, I rather be beside u in a storm thn safe nd warm by my self, I rather hv hard tyms together thn 2 hv easy apart, I rather hv da one who holds my heart....MY couple Black011, i lv u
17-06-30 16:47 Reply
maryhannah I'm sorry honey becos every tyn I did to u z so wrong
17-06-25 01:45 Reply
_-_-_-_-_- I missing u-to my long lost fren khani
17-05-28 10:51 Reply
ruie_ "stick with you m" to my boyfriend right now L.G :)
17-05-25 14:53 Reply
pumpkinskin Fuckman15 Huny thank you sa songs na dedicated mo sakin ha.. ...
god gave me you..i dont have a clue.i dont have a prayer..but out of the blue,,god gave me you..im so bless we've meet huny!ikaw yong ibinigay sa kin ni god,im so thnkful..kasi sa tagal ng pahihintay ko sa tamang guy para sakin..bigla..nag pop up ka sa inbox ko..out of the blue fallinlove agad ako sayo..itz amazing feeling huny!i love you ideson!
17-05-25 02:25 Reply
agta_uragon Inlynnire,,,thank you for loving me/ by von jovi; this song I solemly ddecated to you honey...as you said there is too many man who wants to be w/ you and too long theyve waiting for your acceptance and yet no one can win it...among those guys only on me youve let and give your precoius love w/o any hesitations and twice thingking...thank you and i promise you i will loved you to the rest of our lives...I LOVE U
17-05-23 19:34 Reply
Fuckman15 Fuckman15 Thank you huny..SOBRANG mahal na mahal kita mahal ...
Huny thank you sa songs na dedicated mo sakin ha..salamat asawa ko mahal na mahal kita..mwwaaahhh...
17-05-19 13:43 Reply
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