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Would you leave your partner if you found someone better?
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Stilleto25 depends.. but if its make me happier with someone or even with my own, probably Yes.
18-11-14 13:43 Reply
Hotguy9999 You wouldn't know if they're better until you hook up together if u do already think they're better then you have probably been flirting n getting close already.. Ppl only go off with others because the relationship they're in doesn't fulfil them!
18-11-14 13:39 Reply
Mhorvick No I Cannot Do Such A Thing Bcuz I Lov My Babe Nd I Cant Betray Or Cheat On Her
18-09-28 08:59 Reply
Ramercado29 No?😊😂
18-09-27 17:10 Reply
sability Queenesther24 Yes
That Means U Wil Never Get Married Cos Alot Of Men Are Out There Wit Different Qualities.U Wil Change Nd Get Fed Up
18-09-03 15:22 Reply
Queenesther24 Yes
18-07-02 18:58 Reply
Hugmesandy Still I won't have gf.😭😞
18-06-16 11:23 Reply
r0ck_is_my_life nope xD
18-06-16 11:22 Reply
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