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Magic card: know the sum of 3 top cards without looking
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hellio_reonoah Material
1 Complete Deck Of Cards
Remove all Kings, Queen, Jacks and Joker leaving only cards with numerical value. Ace is equal to 1 to 10 of any suite as 10.
Ask a friend to select three cards from the set of 40 cards. Must not show you cause you will try to know the total value of the 3 cards.
Then, ask your friend to overlap that each of the 3 card with the number of cards it needed to complete a set of 15 overlapping card.
Next, is to get the remaining cards from your friend.
Add 8 to the remaining cards and Whola you will get the sum of the 3 top cards your friend gets.
17-11-19 21:44 Reply
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