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What are the best anime for you?
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SugaKookie Fairy Tail, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Pokemon, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Uta no Prince-sama, Free!, My Hero Academia, Lost Song and counting!
18-10-23 08:00 Reply
HENTAI !!!! walang tatalo
18-10-19 19:41 Reply
Missnumb one piece, naruto, samurai x, zenki
18-08-15 23:53 Reply
Toxoplasma_gondii Misaki22 Best Anime for you
Steins; Gate
17-10-30 07:11 Reply
Princess_elle Clannad. FMA. Naruto. Orange. Bleach. Hajime no Ippo. Kuroko no Basuke. Haikyuu. Ouran Host Club. Clannad. Pandora Hearts.
17-10-26 16:57 Reply
aikaflorida Misaki22 Best Anime for you
one piece
17-08-21 04:06 Reply
Misaki22 Best Anime for you
17-08-15 20:28 Reply
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