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Missing someone
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___chezka Miss ko siya😞😞
18-07-14 11:18 Reply
Victorr EGOVIAN2 Wats her name? victorr
Vivvian...#egovian by nickname..
18-03-27 13:03 Reply
FREAKLUNA i miss someone so much that it hurts my heart
18-03-20 21:34 Reply
____siva____ Was my girl... Linorafarveen, where have u gone???
17-12-13 11:04 Reply
EGOVIAN2 victorr Smiles
yah,.,.ma ex couple
still loves h ...

Wats her name? victorr
17-12-12 21:43 Reply
victorr Smiles
yah,.,.ma ex couple
still loves her
17-11-19 14:59 Reply
bhem19 missing s0meone s0mething like rj..
17-09-21 14:01 Reply
Taken4Granted C kinsa man c somEone?
17-08-27 04:42 Reply
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