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What do you hate most? why?
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Hotguy9999 Stuck up snobby ignorant ppl that think theyr above you, and bad manners, politeness and respect cost nothing!
18-11-06 14:15 Reply
Antoy Ayoko sa taong parang tae... Walang magawa....
18-09-10 02:12 Reply
Wilderness tamang hinala, wala ka na ngang ginagawa napag-iisipan pa din.
18-08-14 22:25 Reply
___chezka I hate mga bakakon..lier..evil ..aww -che-
18-07-14 11:16 Reply
acirE Tsismosa/so, traitor, backstabber
18-05-23 17:24 Reply
Yaye005 Utus-utusan ako even in work magdadam0g ako at walK ouT when topak is atTAck
18-05-06 01:26 Reply
Doclyswid Cheating Nd Wickedness,b'cos Is Ungodly
17-11-24 12:53 Reply
Doclyswid Cheating
17-11-24 12:51 Reply
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