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Your last letter to your ex bf/gf.
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Ash44 Some love one,
Some love two,
But I love one
that is you..N only you
N that is all true
18-06-05 04:37 Reply
Estefanie Hi po
18-05-25 23:23 Reply
Yaye005 You cheat when were in a relationsht xD and now you leave her and now you have another girl again mgkahIV ka sana haha
18-05-06 01:29 Reply
bhem19 im okey..
17-09-21 13:59 Reply
Taken4Granted Mdagdagan n nman listahan mo....gudluck sa Counting!
17-08-27 04:46 Reply
Mae2033 Manigas ka. :)
17-08-16 00:03 Reply
umahirexcollins DEAR JACE......
17-06-30 16:03 Reply
putra_guess boset beb haha langya u
17-06-14 10:10 Reply
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