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sability Here Is The Conclusion Of The Whole Matter,fear God, Keep His Commandments For These Is The Whole Duty Of Man. Ecc. 12:13
18-01-23 23:42 Reply
EGOVIAN2 Bless d lord oh my soul n al dat is within me bless his holy name
17-12-13 18:04 Reply
Doclyswid The Lord Is My Sheperd,i Shall Not Want - Psalm 23
17-11-24 12:50 Reply
DELAMY mathew 6:9 when u pray say.our faher who is at haeven.
17-09-24 21:50 Reply
spunky6 In the beginning there was dinosaurs amen
17-08-27 11:19 Reply
Lihle2626 The lord is gud and da strong hold in da days of trouble and he knowest them that trust in him
17-08-23 17:29 Reply
tomshizzy22 For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the WORLD; but that through him the world might be saved.
JOHN 3:17
17-07-18 14:56 Reply
natalie360 for God so luv d world dat he gave his only begotten son dat whosoever believeth in him shall never perish but have everlasting life. john 3:16
17-05-26 18:36 Reply
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