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Which country has the grat petrolum supply
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superman- Saudi arabia i think.
18-08-28 07:32 Reply
youngest-chylin abi awon eleyi ya were ni
17-08-12 10:10 Reply
delamy jayr_04 What country
17-06-10 20:33 Reply
Jhonirs Sudai Arabia
17-05-07 09:31 Reply
Jhonirs Kowait
17-05-07 09:26 Reply
youngest-chylin Nigeria is the country that has the gratest petroleum supply.
16-10-02 06:28 Reply
eshutaru All country in middle east..
16-07-26 16:46 Reply
chesca24 Samuel199815 I do not understand u.
Right is the Philippines has the big largest petrolium of the world now you know
16-06-28 15:01 Reply
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