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Why did you cheat ur partner
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eeyan0609 Jelah To log'in dz kind of site!? Did u considerd u ...
I think it depends on your motive. Are you looking for a friend? Or a fuckbuddy?? Choosing one, will lead you to cheating or the other way around.
18-11-22 04:49 Reply
uoq121uoq gracey__ because I caught him cheating me too..
how many times you cheat on him this time?
18-10-10 18:49 Reply
flanncer because u don't love her
18-09-02 01:43 Reply
Hotman03 Gud_boy i want another sex xperience yon lang hehe
Do you think its a good excuse to cheat
18-08-16 08:44 Reply
Hotman03 Some do log in just to seek some different sexual experience, some do really intend to cheat in their partners
18-08-16 08:38 Reply
Jelah To log'in dz kind of site!? Did u considerd u'are a cheater?
18-05-18 20:40 Reply
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18-05-03 01:08 Reply
Bastenberry Bastenberry Ify obi m,nwayi nmara ma o.
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18-04-30 07:04 Reply
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