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Do u believe in "forever" ?
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Mhorvick Life Is Wicked Nobody Can Be Believe Nowadays
18-09-28 09:07 Reply
Missnumb santo_papi Forever is a lie...
Ginawa lng ng tao ang kat ...

18-08-15 23:36 Reply
Rulebreaker24 Naniniwala ako sa forever kila mama plant me forever na e hahaha
18-07-14 10:41 Reply
LittleBoyInside i used to
18-06-16 03:23 Reply
r0ck_is_my_life eghie_10 wala naman forever eh!!!
18-05-11 17:05 Reply
eghie_10 wala naman forever eh!!!
18-05-07 14:25 Reply
victorr Egovian2 What do u mean by forever?
With ur husband na....
18-03-28 12:25 Reply
_BLAZING_SNOW_ "forever" hangin lang ata yan.
17-12-22 15:58 Reply
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