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Read and laugh
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Krack Lol
18-03-16 23:47 Reply
irene0809 😆
18-03-07 14:50 Reply
Swers enteteyning
16-09-02 12:22 Reply
Akusi_jane Yeah,cause i say so.......
16-02-07 22:44 Reply
kro If you say so :Ďv
16-02-02 07:18 Reply
akusi_jane How can i????Since Everytime i upload my photos,reptiles do dare to delete it.Haha,reptiles.Btw,im not referring to you,,that passage was for its provenance itself.
16-02-02 06:54 Reply
crusty I thought the word "dont care" is only used by someone who have nothing to say anymore. Now i know that it can be used by someone who have nothing to show too :D
16-02-01 08:26 Reply
akusi_jane Yeah,and here comes the intruder......She doesnt even care anyway.Hahahahaha -lol-
16-02-01 08:12 Reply
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