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Messi and ronaldo who is better?
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messi is the best
16-07-01 23:57 Reply
nathan1975 Giroudlee Messi of course
Messi is the best
16-06-04 15:20 Reply
Giroudlee Messi of course
16-05-06 01:40 Reply
GatwechRuonTip Ronaldo 7
16-05-02 16:57 Reply
Kulongwalmachar Ronaldo
16-05-02 15:16 Reply
Horllarmidey Gabriels Messi All D Way
Thanks you gabriel messi is the best player
16-04-30 13:06 Reply
Gabriels Messi All D Way
16-04-15 01:30 Reply
amme3433 ronaldo
16-04-02 19:16 Reply
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