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What is/are the twist of your username??
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EGOVIAN2 Ego dats money bt ego have different meaning in evry country
17-12-13 17:55 Reply
Toxoplasma_gondii Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that can make rats suicidal. It can somehow control their mind.
17-10-30 07:23 Reply
bhem19 bhem is my nickname.. sh0rt term of my realname n0vem..
*n0vem is a latin w0rd of nine. fr0m the greg0rian calendar.. (sh0rt trevia)
b'c0z i was b0rn in n0vember 18, 1996.. :)
and #19 was my age when i j0ined this website.
17-09-21 12:35 Reply
khazix When I made this account.
Kha'Zix was my favorite champion in League of Legends so I chose it as my Username.
17-09-13 21:23 Reply
truelykenyan Merbpstee My username is my birth month :)
17-09-10 05:41 Reply
youngest-chylin timileyin michael
17-08-17 00:30 Reply
aubrey24 aubrey kate
17-06-23 15:01 Reply
Merbpstee My username is my birth month :)
17-03-26 09:13 Reply
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