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Do u need to make revenge to the person who hurt you?
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Mhorvick No Unless The Person No Nd Do It
18-09-28 09:30 Reply
Kazboy No,I dnt think revenge is the best option to resort hate towards the person who hurt u.
17-11-25 21:29 Reply
althea143 hayaan nalang ang karma ang gumanti
17-09-11 20:23 Reply
andy--- sa una, oo.. pero maiicp mo dn naman na no need na sa revenge.. kasi me karma naman..
17-03-15 07:18 Reply
sam091094 Don't wait for karma. It may take really long but it will happen. Don't put karma on your own hands or you're auffer with them. Move on with your life. Your future is more important than theirs.
17-03-15 05:44 Reply
sam091094 No. They are not worth your time and effort. Let karma do its job. Continue with your own life. Let them suffer on their own.
17-03-15 05:42 Reply
blueiris_lyNne nakakapagod... hintayin na lang c karma
17-02-13 09:59 Reply
Swers Kill him with kindness
16-09-10 09:45 Reply
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