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What flirtzo couples really means??
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Hotguy9999 Truthful, LDR, online.someone to escape reality with for a while.... . Unless something changes and you meet up!
18-11-14 13:43 Reply
Mhorvick Telling D Truth Nd Believing Each Other Wit A Love Like No Other
18-09-28 09:04 Reply
Happyjoy1991 fooling each other
18-08-24 19:03 Reply
r0ck_is_my_life trip2 lng -lol2-
18-01-11 16:32 Reply
Pretty836 Sm yes they r nt all
18-01-10 15:09 Reply
ash44 here onle flirting and copule only make fool each other
17-08-05 18:06 Reply
pulsefire Really means nothing else
17-06-13 14:48 Reply
Hahaha28 akico28 Flitzo means flirting site . kaya nga flirtzo e lo ...
"Flirtzo couples" not just flirtzo xD
17-06-12 08:38 Reply
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