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Omotayo27 For God Say U Drive Me Crazy Cause You Got Worth R Want Cause I We Treat You Right Ha Ye We You Belive Me Girl
17-12-31 12:19 Reply
equityelvis they call me rap MACHINE
my lines too hot cus i've got the rap VACCINE
ma flows copied in the OVERSEAS
DONT be scared i just came to show OWNERSHIP
17-12-24 20:47 Reply
Sanelejb Niggas wht happening are all dead
17-12-15 19:59 Reply
Sanelejb Mxm you are a full flava in the fuckn toilet,go get some spray man u smelling feuses
17-10-22 11:46 Reply
Nielskie Gimme the microphone im takin you down im taking control im freak toda mode into the void and put you running out of hope Hey i gotta words on anybeat you must retreat or feel my heat its gonna get ya overheat! Im full flava the one you neva heard suckers! you cant cry coz i put you down lower into my level..haha :p
17-10-11 04:57 Reply
Sanelejb So quite here were are thz madafuckn nigars...Ohh yes i get it you all are on practise because your ryms floate like a butter fly they like aa baabbyy handss they soft yeah mine floate like bee yea they string high making an impact
17-09-30 23:01 Reply
Sanelejb Yeah listen am a shooting star all raper make wishies on me yeahhhh..Punch after punch let do this guys just drop ur punch nd the next nigar will also do the same
17-09-30 22:35 Reply
danieljay28 Tomshizzy22 Have you counted the cost if ur soul should be ...
17-09-16 18:10 Reply
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