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Describe your ideal man or woman
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Hotguy9999 Someone who makes you laugh, feel good, looks are about lust personality is what makes u love!
18-10-30 17:57 Reply
Nicole168 He must be tall brown complexion and most especially handsome lol xd and of course understanding loving caring and faithful too of course❤️
18-10-01 13:42 Reply
Mhorvick All i need is a good well home trained girl with a good behaviour that we care for me nd that will love me more than my parents nd family nd that we share are history with me
18-09-28 10:04 Reply
r0ck_is_my_life My ideal man is secret only hahaha xd i don't know how to describe he's personality nyahahaha xd
18-06-16 11:31 Reply
Jerry1980 Ladies i m looking for a girl who can stand for me cos i have a big dick some girls they run away from me
17-10-05 00:54 Reply
Andrea20 i need loyal tall white american with a good looking body.. add me
17-08-19 01:24 Reply
17-08-10 10:04 Reply
Thesaint18 we ask 4 good woman to marry wht about d one u hv spoiled den who wil marry them,so if dont show love nd lov someone u cant b loved bcs u do not knw any tin called love i.e lv dat u wil be loved
17-05-16 02:44 Reply
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