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ysnahverah18 URGENT!!!

Please pass around to your family and friends...!!!People have been receiving calls from+375602605281,+37127913091+37178565072+56322553736+37052529259+255901130460orany number starting from+375,+371 number+381One ring & hang up.*If you call back,bthey can copy your contact list in 3sec&If U have bankorCredit card details on your phone,they can copy that too...+375 is from Belarus.+371 is code for Lativa.+381 Serbia+563- Valparaiso+370- Vilnius+255- TanzaniaThese calls may under ISIS*Don't answer*or *Call back.*Also, Don't Press#90 or #09on your Mobile when asked by any caller.It's a New Trick of Terrorists to access your SIM card, Make calls at your expense and frame you as a criminal. Forward this message to as many friends as U can, to stop it.
17-01-09 13:00 Reply
ysnahverah18 ATTENTION: 2 all chatters here
there's a scam regarding on
pearls as a prize, they will get
ur pw and user name as a
requirement for u 2 claim the
said pearls. Beware to that scammers..if that happen pm
me and im willing to help #
14-01-20 04:15 Reply
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