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Have u ever been in love?
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JESUVI1972 Can someone tell me the really explanation of love ( love ) and he or her duity?
19-05-16 10:25 Reply
JESUVI1972 Sinnersaint29 what are the signs of being inlove,?
Feel inlove is when ur inner man or inner woman . I mean a voice or something is telling to close to someone do this to
19-05-16 10:22 Reply
JESUVI1972 _hug_ Couple? Hmmm send me request 😂
Do u know that mine couple remove me and apply another one ? So be wise and whash
19-05-16 10:17 Reply
JESUVI1972 Yes i have tryed praticsed , applying and be in .
19-05-16 10:14 Reply
storm2018 yah ah I did... 😊
19-05-16 01:20 Reply
Amipretty Of cors,no😁🤑
19-04-21 02:45 Reply
jotil just few days/yrs love enough for life???
19-04-20 16:17 Reply
bunzowu yes, but not that long. . .
19-04-18 04:03 Reply
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