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Have u ever been in love?
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thertzphater hi cnu pwedeng mgng bf jn
18-11-30 04:08 Reply
natasu yes or no hihi
18-11-22 14:06 Reply
mhel17 Wandaleespencer651g34 Hello am new here looking for serious man I can sp ...
hi..I am newbie hir in this site..I need or I want to look someone that I luv in this site....luv that ever had...the only one for my forever..yes I ever been inluv but it really hurt me anymore...and now many of these years are stillsingle.
18-11-15 12:16 Reply
09662681178 hello .goodpm po
18-11-15 07:46 Reply
Hotguy9999 Yup in love few times, u know when it's love coz it really hurts when it's over.. They say.. Love feels like heaven but hurts like hell!
18-11-07 10:27 Reply
r0ck_is_my_life i don't know😂😂😂
18-10-17 18:40 Reply
Mustytrt2 Hi am new here
18-10-13 10:54 Reply
_BLAZING_SNOW_ agree ako sa ibaba.. it was mistake
18-10-12 17:10 Reply
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