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U think u ca answer every riddles?ok com and answer dis
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buddymay The question u cannot answer yes...
18-11-01 00:34 Reply
missvannessa You are to be killed nd u were asked to choose. 1. a roon with raging fire 2. a roon wit assasins nd aready loaded gun 3. a room with hungry lions dat hve nt eaten 4 three days which will u choose
18-10-05 00:36 Reply
Wallo Ifeoma1999 Trumpet is nt a pet dear.
Its a musical instrument
18-03-11 18:06 Reply
Ifeoma1999 wise19 A trum-pet
Trumpet is nt a pet dear.
17-04-16 12:39 Reply
MARYJO tomshizzy22 wat goes up and never comes down?
17-04-06 04:36 Reply
tomshizzy22 Wiseprof Something all men have it,
but all men denys i ...

16-12-09 21:33 Reply
tomshizzy22 wat goes up and never comes down?
16-12-08 14:08 Reply
MaxVincent _daredevil- Riddle of a man locked in a room witout water or f ...
He will eat the calender nd matress
16-12-02 08:24 Reply
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