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I need luv 2759/390268
What's your favorite sex position? ... 55/10167
* Post your favorite songs! :) 1818/345017
Your fav. gospel songs 139/90725
What musical instrument u r interested t... 155/101876
What music are you listening right now? 1843/316999
How important is physical affection in a... 1/81
U think u ca answer every riddles?ok com... 264/92845
Pick up lines! 101/60003
1st cellphone you had? 38/28585
* Have u ever been in love? 1009/192591
An unforgettable lyrics u love... 131/97314
-westlife world- 63/65291
What your fav. song of one direction? 56/61080
Ladys drop your number for single guys 3/2581
* Your favorite artist 773/297777
* Your top 3 favorite movies 299/181908
Who is your favorite korean actor/actres... 34/70810
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