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Is it possible to have love without trus... 50/52466
How will you make someone fall for you? 160/66303
What u follow most???heart or brain 179/72675
M0stly reasons of break up.. 206/71011
How will u knw if he/she really loves yo... 76/54205
Ladies faking love nowadays 4/1362
When is the right age to date 3/481
Do u believe in "forever" ? 82/41747
What are you searching for in a relation... 94/59394
Dear future gf/bf 325/69609
Favorite emoticons in flirtzo 45/59285
Ur best colour combination 144/109609
Ladys drop your number for single guys 1/336
What makes you happy? 182/93907
Ios 🆚 or android 35/83957
What is kiss 183/106382
Any metalheads here? 77/76796
Your fav. gospel songs 135/84341
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