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What's your favorite sex position? ... 63/11949
Do you believes in internet love? 414/108434
* Have u ever been in love? 1015/196117
* Whats your favorite games?? 588/284535
Dear future gf/bf 328/79693
Lets be a friends 309/76506
The longest & number of relationship... 6/6711
I need help! 117/130290
How to overcome your fear? 26/69391
Drop ur prayers request 24/31570
Nutritional factor 25/83363
Ur best colour combination 145/119848
Your favourite brand in fashion world 115/122129
Flat shoes or high heels 222/130983
What is the best for formal wear? 33/81542
Your comfortable attire when you hang-up... 66/100609
Simple dress or sexy dress 58/75899
The biggest technology country 45/85372
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