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What music are you listening right now? 1802/309113
What's your favorite korean drama? 110/118812
* Your top 3 favorite movies 298/178838
* What do you want to ask to our god.. 21/6474
* Post your favorite songs! :) 1810/338312
Whats ur type of music do u like? 151/82910
Songs that my tears falls down 126/98218
What is the magic word that girls like t... 79/63108
Coc players tambayan thread 27/35998
Lesbianism. 574/148641
Song and dedicated to whom???? 338/142880
An unforgettable lyrics u love... 129/95350
Favorite emoticons in flirtzo 47/63331
1st cellphone you had? 37/27335
Post your favorite place to travel 108/84237
Whats ur zodiac sign? 193/106573
Any metalheads here? 81/80449
What's your favorite sex position? ... 50/8628
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