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What music are you listening right now? 1854/323143
All about guys 186/92161
I need luv 2761/395608
Do u have relationship problem right now... 51/56520
Ladys drop your number for single guys 6/3082
Favorite emoticons in flirtzo 50/65661
Change ed to ing 134/85990
-westlife world- 64/66267
What are the best anime for you? 8/7739
Your favorite band? 3/5154
* Have u ever been in love? 1013/195267
Simple dress or sexy dress 57/75647
What is your nick name 30/13354
Quote of the day!!! 12/4849
Does size matter? 14/5637
Sex story vs porn video 39/11367
What's your favorite sex position? ... 62/11626
* Post your favorite songs! :) 1825/350409
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