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* Who is your favourite football player 310/125438
* Your favorite football team 613/196047
Which club in epl is currently in form? 64/117525
Messi and ronaldo who is better? 101/114656
Which country would win the world cup? 42/89977
Who will be the world best in 2018 7/9388
Neymar ,, messi ,, c .ronaldo ,, who is ... 3/4147
Who can drible most in eden hazard and d... 24/65912
Who is the best player in your country? 65/86860
Who is your favourite coach 88/109291
Wwe fan club 106/78773
Your nba 2017-2018 finals match up/champ 1/2870
John cena or randy orton? 125/102810
Who is the best player for this season 2/5216
Which sport is your favourite? 188/123692
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