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* What do you want to ask to our god.. 20/5360
* * Polls why sometimes deleted 1/1024
Where is admin list 1/2
If your given secondlife again,to whom y... 60/76364
Whats ur zodiac sign? 190/103143
Dear diary : 1075/81578
Happy diwali 5/1070
Your last letter to your ex bf/gf. 77/37004
Post your favorite place to travel 105/82015
What do you hate most? why? 88/43352
topfun 2008 old members 204/54068
Quote of the day!!! 10/2792
Snobs why so many ppl think they're... 1/958
Nagmahal, nasaktan, _________?? 95/24189
Meet people from your city:::where are u... 365/159785
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