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* What do you want to ask to our god.. 23/8479
* * Polls why sometimes deleted 1/2535
Nagmahal, nasaktan, _________?? 97/30483
Dear diary : 1077/88449
The holy bible vs the holy quraan 3/8
Gods leading vs greatest leading 1/5
___martyrdom in karbala___ 1/6
Gods what's want from humans worshi... 1/11
Your last letter to your ex bf/gf. 81/43048
What makes you happy? 184/104282
Quote of the day!!! 12/5193
Whats ur zodiac sign? 194/112309
Snobs why so many ppl think they're... 3/2500
Post your favorite place to travel 108/88728
What do you hate most? why? 89/49853
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