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🐻 *β™‘ *β™‘ *β™‘ *β™‘ *🐻
🐻 *β™‘ *β™‘ *β™‘ *β™‘ *🐻
... my teddy is a bit different from yours
but he's been with me since I was very small
he speaks to me of things I need to learn
guards me while I sleep, he is always with me
my teddy makes me feel safe, just like yours...
... my teddy joins me for a cup of tea
and each night before bed he reads to me
he is the one I tell all my secret dreams to
and in the evening we snuggle down to sleep
he is there watching over my dreams...
... my teddy may look a bit different from yours
but he is soft and cuddly and my very best friend
they say when I am grown he will seem much smaller
but in my mind my teddy will always be king
bigger than life, bigger than hurt...with the biggest of hearts.
19-02-09 23:18:25 | by Mersybea
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Mersybea -xixi- shhhhhh
19-02-11 00:52:01
Mersybea My, my,, favourite ghost :) you liar :p you weren't missed me cause you're always around 😁
19-02-11 00:50:37
soo_bo_mo_titi-ko most stupid those moderator πŸ˜‚
19-02-10 18:05:54
soo_bo_mo_titi-ko hi my -luv-,,,, the😁ghost here ,, miss u mersy πŸ’‹ -xixi-
19-02-10 18:04:39
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