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Self Love💕
Self Love💕
Dear Self,
I know you struggle sometimes but in case i don't tell you enough, you're beautiful. Thank you for being so strong and transparent, the world sees you even you feel invisible. I appreciate your heart and stubborness. Your willingness to love even after being discarded and forgotten is admirable. Im so proud to know that you've grown to acknowledge your worth.
With Love,
19-01-31 17:28:53 | by en__en
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Loveprshnt but i cannot do that ur only mine😘😘
19-02-19 11:49:38
en__en Thats what i like! 😏 go away..!!! chuu chuuu!!! xd
19-02-18 18:26:58
Loveprshnt don’t be that much arrogant and rude that u losses respect from my heart ok
19-02-18 13:48:08
Loveprshnt actually u didn’t try to shortout the problem
19-02-18 13:23:06
en__en Shut up! xd
19-02-18 13:15:38
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