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Does the relationship worth your dream
Does the relationship worth your dream
More often than not, we have women complaining about finding guys who somehow seem threatened by their big dreams or their really promising path to success. And some women, either out of love or loneliness, succumb to these ridiculous notions or throw their dreams into a wastebasket.
Another terrible thing adding to this already existing problem is the portrayal of career women or women who chase dreams by the media; it is either the woman discovers that her dreams are not that important or her life gets ruined because she chased a dream. In reality, that is not the case.
People that don’t want the best for you are not people you should give up things for. You need to ask yourself if the people you are giving up your dreams for will truly make you absolutely happy in the end. For most people, they end up feeling empty even with the ring on their fingers.
People that get threatened by your success are not people you should consider spending the rest of your life with. You need to be sure of what you want as dreams are usually what really keep us alive. Dreams are important and they help to change our lives and those of people around us.
You will meet the right person who is not afraid of what you will become, who is not threatened by the fact that you could be more successful than him. Don’t rush into a relationship that makes you cut ties with your authentic self.
18-05-23 01:28:52 | by Babateedot
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