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Love - suddenly appears,unconditional,a human special feelings toward somebody.
If you reading this blog,did you think on your mind that what is love?or why do you love?
I know that you experience to be loved or you love someone.
My point is a love in a relationship situation.But if you don't feel this,your abnormal right?,well i think everyone have reasons to being love.,if.... its really love.Somebody say that ..they think that's it is the way of there love.Do you know what it was???
1.Physical attraction
most of people inlove because of attraction,like they are pretty,sexy,handsome or mascular.
2.Graded love
you love him or her because there's a chances that this someone has personality that you want on your list.
well most of all ,they love someone because a good in sex.
they saying that they love him/her because of money..
they love a person because on its personality
6.Out of no where
its suddenly appear,love at first sight ..
well what do you think??????
18-07-11 00:51:33 | by __maldhita
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Ash44 Attitude for Life: "Why to flirt When You are capable of being loved..''
18-07-11 17:01:17
__maldhita nice congrats to you..
18-07-11 02:36:39
mybooh89 when i realized they called that twin flame,soulmate.if you felt that..thats bthe one for you..now im happily married..with him...
18-07-11 02:36:02
mybooh89 month passed by..we;re gettin closer day by day im so excited to see him.i dont kno why?
18-07-11 02:34:41
mybooh89 yeah i believe in love at first sight..when i meet my husband.for the first time..im wondering why i felt that i knew him for so long but..we just meet that day.
18-07-11 02:33:27
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