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The heart matters too
The heart matters too
Sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to live logically than trying to live at all. But the funny thing is that the heart is just as important as the brain and I am not just talking about breathing. Things that come from the heart such as passion usually achieve greater things than things that are just from our brain but we don’t really care for in our hearts. For instance, a person who is studying a course he likes is more likely to do better than a person who is forced to study such a course.
Logical thinking is a great quality but there is nothing quite like feeling things. Truly living in the moment. There is quite nothing like knowing you are doing what you love and you are truly living not just breathing through life. That’s why people that follow their hearts usually find it easier to accept their mistakes, as they know that at a point they chose what they loved even if it didn’t work out.
Think but don’t allow your thoughts to be your only guiding ship. Don’t allow your thoughts to make you close off your emotions. Your heart matters just as much. Take care of it.
18-07-10 03:33:21 | by Babateedot
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