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Mistake is a part of life.
Sometimes we did mistakes
and then we feel shame. At
this situation we want to say
sorry. Now through us get
best sorry quotes and send to those people those are angry
on you. Our sorry word
collection is very inspiring and
13-08-06 09:08:04 | by ysnahverah18
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hahaha-asshole ASSHOLE  -finger- xD😂 asshole bitch YOUR PUSSY SMELLS LIKE A TOILET!!, hahaha xD sipsipin ang aking titi, xd -haha- hahaha xD Hahaha ... xD xd xd
18-07-01 06:37:59
Dynamite27 Tama
17-08-11 22:43:52
Eriol nice 👍
17-07-10 08:50:49
Keenin True wt
16-02-03 00:38:49
Lloydbande Yes is true
15-11-28 22:35:18
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