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the one you love or the one who loves u
the one you love or the one who loves u
Case 1- If I choose the one I love.
I decide to grow a plant in my garden. I water it daily, I protect it from insects, bad weather, everything. After all care and affection the plant finally grew into a big tree. I’m happy.
One day there's heavy rain. I went to take shelter under my tree.
The tree refuses!
I ask with hope in my eyes, why? Why you will not protect me? After all, I gave you my everything!
The tree- “Because you love me”
I-And, you?
The tree- I don't. I never did! You choose me right?
I am standing there, no longer feeling the pain of heavy rain but the only pain I could feel is the pain of my heavy heart full of regrets!
Case 2- If I choose someone who loves me.
I am very thirsty and looking for water everywhere.
After searching for it everywhere, I am still not able to find it.
Someone comes to me and offers me juice. I took it because I was very thirsty.
After sometime, I am again feeling thirsty.
The person comes to me again and offers me juice because that's the only thing he has and I again took it.
After sometime I am again thirsty. The person ask me what's wrong ? Despite of quenching my thirst many times, why I'm feeling thirsty?
And I ask this question myself and realize that what he is offering is not what I was looking for. I will be thirsty until I find water. And the person will keep standing with what he is having, in hope that someday he will quench my thirst.
So, instead of choosing between “the one”, I will choose to feel the love!
And love is never one sided. It is a feeling between two people that keeps them connected. If it is absent at either end, it's pain and emptiness!
19-01-11 19:43:52 | by Juliet1625
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Jor22 Nice
19-01-15 16:20:21
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