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Two hearts together, we're a harmony so right
Two sparks united, we're a fire burning bright
Very true, always brand new
Right from the jump, we had a hunch
That we had everything
Perfect combination,
Love plus you and me
Perfect combination,
We couldn't ask for any better
Perfect combination,
We fit to a tee
A perfect combination,
With all it takes to last forever, together
So deep, inside we share a feeling that's so rare
So sweet, just knowing that we are a special pair
All the time, we're two of a kind
And heaven knows this love will grow
Stronger everyday
19-01-07 21:05:55 | by Honeysweet_25
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Ungayvin Hoy tanga mag bigti kana
19-01-10 18:55:02
Ninuu 🔪
19-01-08 09:23:17
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