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love isn't...
love isn't...
love isn't please stay a little bit longer
but you should go home, your parents will be worried
love isn't stay up late with me til morning
but please rest, take care of yourself
love isn't please don't leave me, i need you
but please go if you need to
love isn't i will never hurt you
but i'm sorry i won't do it again
love isn't i love you because, i love you if
but nonetheless i love you
love is goodbye take care
not i'll die if you leave me
love is don't skip your meals, stay hydrated
not you should lose or gain weight because i like you better like that
love is take your time
not what took you so long
love is tell me what's wrong babe
not uh-oh here we go again
love is i got home safe don't worry
not jeez i'm home now can you stop blasting my inbox
love is aww come here you need a hug
not okay sure fine (then a cold shoulder)
love is a lot more than words
a lot more than actions
you can say it and not mean it
just as you can make it be felt and never confirm it
love is more than i love yous
more than hugs and kisses
love isn't always loud
sometimes it can also be silent and distant
love is funny, a bit annoying yet amusing
and a whole lot more
but love should always echo respect
for your partner and of course, yourself
with all that said,
i love you, okay?..
18-09-14 15:17:46 | by _oppa_
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sability Dis Captured It All
18-09-15 01:20:52
Mersybea Lovely ✔️
18-09-14 15:20:47
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