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Happiness is a state of mind which comes when you stop expecting and start doing what you love . According tho bhagvat gita 1. One should do anything as an offering to the universe and the universe will surely give back the best . To be happy , one doesn't need a reason . Happiness is the feeling of satisfaction . If you do not expect anything from world but do your work sincerely and with satisfaction ,the happiness starts entering you. One who is busy thinking about the stuff going on in the world stars having stress which makes him unhappy and he starts feeling that his/her life is boring. To enjoy life and stay happy you need not to have materialistic luxury but serenity of mind. Talk to yourself , love what you do . Give what your soul demands . Having money and success is not sure to give u happiness but satisfaction. So don't run behind success , either run behind satisfaction .
18-09-14 08:46:20 | by DeHLi-bOYs
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Suchalovelyroses -good-
18-10-14 14:49:13
Simply71 Nice
18-10-13 02:36:19
DeHLi-bOYs thanks
18-09-15 18:59:17
Mersybea Big like ✔️👍
18-09-15 17:02:34
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