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___Poem About A Girl___
This poem is about a girl
whom my heart fell in love
with, but sadness filled my
heart for I can't even had the right time and a chance to tell this things I have felt for her, to tell her that I love her so much. So I just made this poem to reduce the sadness that I feel right now..Coz even I always pray at night each time I lay, seems chances for me was so hard to find.. but I really love this girl..
I’ve known a girl, who made me think Who sometimes wear, a shirt in pink Through her style, and the way she smile She caught my heart, in just a while
Through her picture, I looked at her The things I feel, gets stronger I tried to turn my sight, on the other direction But a picture of her face, was always on my illusion.
I don’t even know, how could this happen in me But I know that it’s real, not fake or fantasy I found a girl, who sets something in me That I can’t really explain, as far as I could see
As I close my, when I lay at night She’s the only one, who were always on my sight If only I had, a right time and a chance I’ll tell my love, for her with a
But sadness I think, was there to fill my heart
Coz chances was hard to find, and still were apart
I don’t even had time, to hold her near To whisper my love, I feel to her ear.
Now how could I tell, these things I feel And show to her, my love is real If I can’t reach her, coz the way’s unclear For guys like me, to her we're near
Each night I lay, in God I pray To give me chance, and find her way Wishing each time, with me she stay Coz every time I see her, all my worries fades away
But if chances and time, will never be mine Through the pen in my hand, I’ll wrote on each line To tell this story, through a poem in my mind
About a pretty girl, who really I liked to find
A girl who’s name is written in a song Entitled “the painter”, which I sing all along A girl whom my heart, really fell in love Brighter than the stars, from the sky up above
Now I’ll take time, to end this story About a girl, who made me think in a day
I’ll just hope and pray, wishing that someday A time will come, and cross our way.
19-04-15 12:48:13 | by Alwimalik
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