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missing you
missing you
I might not get to see you as
often as I'd like, I may not get
to hold you in my arms at
night, but deep in my heart I
know that it's true. No matter
what happens... I will always love you. Nothing hurts more then
waiting since I don't even
know what I'm waiting for
13-08-06 08:39:34 | by ysnahverah18
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Rock_my_titi2 ASSHOLE  -finger- xD😂 hahaha xD gusto ko na dilaan ang iyong puki, -69- hahaha xD sipsipin ang aking titi, -69- -69- -69- xd -hahaHahaha ... xD xd xd
18-07-05 02:23:58
hahaha-asshole ASSHOLE  -finger- xD😂 hahaha xD sipsipin ang aking titi, -69- -69- -69- xd -haha- hahaha xD Hahaha ... xD xd xd
18-07-01 06:42:57
FREAKLUNA that hurts
18-05-20 01:28:28
joniasifawyoha that is true
18-04-25 19:33:26
Eriol nice 👍
17-07-10 08:57:31
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