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PWET for my L.O.V.E 😂
I can feel the pain that you are trying to hide
Don't think that you can fool me by smiling so wide
You're trying to forget the times when you were together
Now I can feel how you hate the word forever
Just give me sometime to prove my worth
The pain you felt isn't like a ride that comes back and forth
Let me give you the true meaning of loving
And I promise you that I won't break that as long as I'm living
Remember the times that I told you that I'll always be here for you
The same moment that I told myself that I wont ever let you go
That same moment that I want to keep you forever in my arms
Because I want to be the one who protect you from harm
I love you not because you were hurt before
I love you just because I wanted to love you more
And it hurts for me to see how you tried to hide the pain you felt
You just dont know how my heart aches and how it slowly melt
Taking care of you will be my lifetime profession
This is how my love works and it is full of passion
But if one day you'll get tired of my obsession
I hope it wont happen coz my life with you comes with great sensation
Lastly , Please Cry out Loud
Don't think those gossiping crowd
Coz when you do that thing, I know everything will gonna be okay
Our journey together will be the most amazing way
18-01-12 01:45:52 | by tear_here24
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pabebelor kanta ba yan -lol-
18-01-12 12:51:10
Sarfania :)
18-01-12 11:12:14
tear_here24 pwetmalu tlga mahal.. xd xd
18-01-12 05:39:39
tear_here24 mommy shark supportive tlga.. xd
18-01-12 04:13:53
tear_here24 mommy shark supportive tlga.. xd
18-01-12 04:12:39
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