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Isang araw nramdaman q n hnd n ako kailangan Sa mundo aking kingisnan Ang tunay n mundong ating ginagalwan Pero sa tulong ng malikhaing imahinasyon n ating nkamtam Aking ntagpuan... Panibagong mundo Na kaligayahan ang laan Akoy nasiyah...
18-10-22 18:22:39 | by Cush17
A Blind Man's...
A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her beauty. It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour. While returning he met with an accident and l...
18-10-22 16:48:38 | by SuchAlovelyroses
nagsisisi ako ng mwala ka s piling ko.. aaminin ko sobra kong nanghinayang ng pilitin kong ilayo k s piling ko... sayang sayang yan n lng ang nasabi ko ng mwala k sakin.. sn mptawad moko yan ang nasabi ko ng ilayo kita s piling ko.. pe...
18-10-22 16:20:15 | by barako2
Deep down in every heart is an unquenchable desire for happiness. The advanced soul desires happiness just as much as the pleasure-seeking worldling, the difference between them is simply that the former, through knowledge and experien...
18-10-22 08:41:46 | by SuchAlovelyroses
Man possesses, did he but know it, illimitable Power. This Power is of the Spirit, therefore, it is unconquerable. It is not the power of the ordinary life, or finite will, or human mind. It transcends these, because, being spiritual, ...
18-10-22 08:04:12 | by SuchAlovelyroses
Peace of mind
Stay away from negative conversations and from negative people. You don't want their thoughts and words to sink into your subconscious mind and affect your moods and state of mind. Don't hold grudges. Learn to forget and forg...
18-10-22 04:38:28 | by SuchAlovelyroses
Simple life-No pre...
Kahapon umupo ako sa upuan,kulay dilaw, gawa sa kahoy,fully varnished, may hawakan sa gilid,medyo bago sya pero ang design pang 70's. Kaso nga lang hindi ako kumportable kase ang likod sobrng matuwid hindi akma sa hulm.a ng likod ...
18-10-21 15:44:18 | by menthoraidas
Attention, I am Christopher A. Wray The current FBI Director After proper investigations we discovered that your impending payment that have been withheld by imposters claiming to be Mr. Godwin Emefiele (Governor of the Central bank o...
18-10-21 06:26:28 | by Suchalovelyroses
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