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Isang gabi habang nanonood ako tumabi sakin ang lola ko.. Ang haba ng buhok..tpos Itim na itim ang damit. Prang malungkot at my hawak na kutsilyo.. . . . Kinabahan ako... . . . Nagsalita siya.. . . . Sabi niya.. . . . . . . . " ap...
13-08-09 11:12:58 | by Ianyan
Freedom to Love
having freewell to do so something its a great feeling I have having someone who loves you a lot is something you never want to end but the most loving yourself more is more freedom to do more and to love more, more than you'll ev...
13-08-09 10:43:27 | by simply_me
Friends Are Always...
Who knows what the future holds? Anything can happen-- we may be together, we may drift apart. Yet no matter what happens, Ill always have warm thoughts of you. And I know in my heart that in the future, no matter where I go, what Im...
13-08-09 10:05:24 | by mhary
Be ContenteD
---Admit the faCt that LOVE doesnt give you the License to own a perSon forever instead a chance to enjoy someoNe's company for a m0ment-- --so i wud say,i doNt believe Love is EndlesS, My father left my m0m, i oNce beEn betrayeD...
13-08-09 08:47:07 | by cheskaJean
Its really hard to hold on to the feelings that you have always held to treat sum1 as Ordinary, When infact his very sPecial...To keep calm though you obviously Jealous..To m0ve oN ur own with an empty and totally wounded heal,to smile...
13-08-09 07:13:25 | by cheskaJean
Iife is a teacher
Life is a teacher and mankind U will always be student in school of life if you U dont take time Time take U, if U cant check time time shall authomatically return and check U, if dont using your time time will do the worse and eventu...
13-08-09 07:08:55 | by eskaytedo
LIFE is never about proving people that you are a go0d person. Sometimes,the bad things matter. For in your dark side,you see people who are ready to light the road with you. Its not how many your friends are,or how many people roam ar...
13-08-09 07:07:41 | by cheskaJean
pra sa mga mahal.....
Mahal kita todo todo, Walang break,walang preno, Bumangga man sa kanto, Ikaw parin ang mahal ko, Sa dahon ng gumamela, Bulaklak ng sampaguita, Doon mo makikita, Ang salitang mahal kita, Mahal kita sa tagalog, I love you sa english, 143...
13-08-09 05:51:33 | by Ianyan
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