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How to Handle and...
In relationships - no matter what kind - the spice of life between people may oftentimes give a welcoming flavor, but too much spice can create tumult and spin any relationship into a state of chaos. Oftentimes, too many differences ca...
13-08-05 12:55:58 | by amazeme
Talking openly
Communication is a key piece of healthy relationships. Healthy couples make time to check in with one another on a regular basis. It's important to talk about more than just parenting and maintaining the household, however. Try to...
13-08-05 12:48:27 | by amazeme
I know that this wound will bleed again Now I’m here right beside the one I love I see he’s in love with someone else Now I know I just got to let him go Because it’s over, Help me get over I don’t know what to do There is no e...
13-08-05 11:35:52 | by jHaNNize
live single life
How do you feel about being single? Do you feel you can’t be happy without a relationship? Do you feel that everything would be just fine if you could find that one special person? Do you feel lonely? Does being single make you ...
13-08-05 10:42:12 | by amazeme
Destiny and the D...
Karma is not blind destiny or divine judgment, but is the principle the describes the natural reverberation that emerges from every action, whether that action is physical, emotion, mental, or spiritual. Suffering and pain are not puni...
13-08-05 10:36:25 | by amazeme
I cant breathe All i can feel is pain The blood red sorrow sorrounds me I close my eyes and a tear rolles down my face I slowly begin to fall The burning pain tares me apart I fall into unconciousness Am i to lost to be saved? I open m...
13-08-05 10:30:33 | by Athena_vox
Know your man'...
If he's tired or sick. If he looks physically unable to have sexy time, chances are, he doesn't want it. If he'd rather hit the hay instead of have a roll in the hay, don't force him to do anything he doesn't w...
13-08-05 10:28:12 | by amazeme
Be confident.
There's nothing sexier than showing your man how confident you are. Instead of spending time telling you that you're amazing, he'll be busy loving your natural ease with yourself, which will make you look even more sexy....
13-08-05 10:23:30 | by amazeme
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