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What is love🌹
One of the most frequently asked questions and one that many people have thousands of answers to is. No one can really define it. Many have tried to describe it based on a feeling they experience, but we can tell you this: Love is not ...
19-05-23 11:33:00 | by Darksunflower
UCF story
"My bestfriend confessed to me that she's pregnant because of a one night stand. I asked her who's the father and she told me that it was him. A day after, tears started to fall from my eyes when my boyfriend kneel infro...
19-05-23 02:48:22 | by Reheyn
1 Mga Taga-Tesalonica 4:3-12 RTPV05 Kalooban ng Diyos na kayo'y magpakabanal at lumayo sa lahat ng uri ng kahalayan. Dapat maging banal at marangal ang pakikitungo ng bawat isa sa kanyang asawa, at hindi pagsunod lamang sa nasa ng...
19-05-22 16:14:59 | by JHARZTHEGREAT
adolf hitler famou...
I die with a joyful
heart in the knowledge of the
immeasurable deeds and
achievements of our peasants and
workers and of a contribution unique
in the history of our
youth which bears my name
19-05-22 13:41:52 | by flaw
Sometimes people won't notice your tears, your sadness, your pain but they all noticed your mistakes!.. without them knowing that you are trying out of your struggles and be a good one as they want you to be..but somehow they will...
19-05-22 12:16:24 | by Bheb28
maligaya ang taong hindi lumalakad sa payo ng mga balakyot,at sa daan ng mkasalanan ay hindi tumatayo,at sa upuan ng mga manunuya ay hindi umuupo. kundi ang kaniyang kaluguran ay ang kautusan ng Dios,at sa kaniyang kautusan ay nagbabas...
19-05-22 09:06:33 | by prinz19
Ha . . . . . . . ....
Girl: MANLOLOKO SYA!! Hindi na ko makikipag-balikan sa hayop na yon!! Nagtext si Ex- Ex: Hi.. Girl: Hi. :) After one week- Girl: Kami na ulet! :) Pwede bang magsuot ang mga babae ng name-tag na "...
19-05-22 07:08:49 | by bee_hive00
2 Years After Depr...
2 years na pananahimik sa sulatronikong ito, bumalik muli ako. Parang bagong tao ulet, bagong labas sa kwarto; oo- bagong labas sa kwartong madilim, tahimik ngunit nakakabagabag na paghiyaw ng mga salita mula sa aking balintataw, at sa...
19-05-22 06:07:36 | by jamieferinadg
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