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A little piece of ...
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of sugar 3-4 spoon of cocoa 3 spoon of milk powder 1 simple cup Just put all the other ingredients on the cup....steer it until it became a light brown powder.. ..get a new spoon and....
18-10-30 08:40:18 | by Bee_hive00
I'm just gonna share my travel experience with my family and cousins last month.. When I woke-up that day before we go...I thought its just a normal day...normal routine.. THEN..!!! My uncle call us and envite us...th...
18-10-23 17:50:22 | by Bee_hive00
Kayung mga babae...reklamo kayo ng reklamo na binabastos kayo tsaka wala kayong makilalang seryosong lalake dito.....eh kayo din naman kc ung dahilan eh?! ..magpopost kayo ng picture na...labas ang cleavage, legs, kung anu-a...
18-10-15 14:14:44 | by bee_hive00
Another sigh..
One of the most annoying mindset of most people.. "Discriminate others so they feel like they are better than them." Instead of teaching other people What Is The Right Thing To Do......they just discriminate them an...
18-09-22 09:15:04 | by bee_hive00
.. ...
Did you ever feel so hopeless.. ..you did everything......EVERYTHING!!!! But it's still not enough.. ..you almost HAD IT!!!! But you can't still reach it.. ..you almost in finish line!!! But your stil...
18-09-20 20:28:52 | by bee_hive00
I found peace..
I'm not alone.. With all the experience we got all these years....good and bad things...we missed some of them, and stressed the half of it. ..and all the problems in my mind right now, it all dissapeared when she asked me...
18-09-16 06:07:00 | by bee_hive00
It's 8:17 pm right now.....your in the middle of playing a first person psychological horror game....alone in your room.. ..and then, instantly turns black-out. Brown-out as ffffffffuuuuuccccckkk..!! ..holyshhiiiiit.. ...
18-05-22 15:21:25 | by bee_hive00
I don't know if there still some people who suffers in a normal break-up for a very long time.. ..like, your just wasting so much time....if you ask me. And your pretty immature too. And its the same too if you get friendz...
18-05-20 18:02:37 | by bee_hive00
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