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__Gift Of Flight__
Set free from my cage, and not feeling my age I took wing on silent breath of air Aloft and caught up in a forever dream I hadn’t a worry or care . Over white mountain peaks, and rivers blue, Green pastures, and majestic horizons I f...
19-04-15 14:15:13 | by Alwimalik
We’ve been through a lot for the past few months, but i just want you to know that no matter how long it takes, how hard our situations im not gonna give up on you. Since day 1 up to today, I’ll be with you. Andito na tayo kaya han...
19-04-15 14:04:19 | by makelovenotwar
__Walk With Me__
One love, one life . One ring, one wife . One deep breath of happiness when I look into your eyes Today we publicly announce our love, no longer in disguise. . Solitaire, some call it one of a kind A rarity a special find . I did not h...
19-04-15 13:09:23 | by Alwimalik
___Poem About A Gi...
This poem is about a girl whom my heart fell in love with, but sadness filled my heart for I can't even had the right time and a chance to tell this things I have felt for her, to tell her that I love her so much. So I just made t...
19-04-15 12:48:13 | by Alwimalik
SKL ( copypaste)
Naalala ko 'nun sabi ng teacher ko, "May dalawang klase ng pagmamahal. Iyong pagmamahal na nanatili, at iyong pagmamahal na umalis pero bumalik." and then she asked the class, "Alin sa dalawang pag-ibig kayang iyon ...
19-04-15 02:08:41 | by jumyr
Flirt pa
If you see ur bf/gf
flirtin with sum1..
lapitan muh xa
hilain at pagpagin
ang damit & say..
— baby q, ano kb naman? malaki kana nagllaro ka parin ng basura..
– i told you.. it’s dirty !..
19-04-14 18:47:13 | by princeledor
isang araw merong 3 magkakaibigan, isang Pinoy, isang Chinese at isang muslim…. niyaya ng chinese ang dalawa papunta mlpit sa bangin chinese- kapag tumalon ako sa bangin na ito sasagipin ako ni BUDAH ”at tumalon ang chinese” chin...
19-04-14 18:21:40 | by princeledor
__Pain Became My F...
Pain became my friend today. . She showed me how to hide She’d been watching from a distance Every tear I cried Pain became my friend today. . Reached out her hand to me Then pulled me into darkness Introducing misery Pain became my ...
19-04-14 17:31:08 | by Alwimalik
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