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Good night my Prin...
Good night My Prince Charming! ;) JC De Vera <3 Sweet dreams, see you when we get there.. Mwah :* I'll dream of you kahit saan ka man ngayon, alam mo na yun! You'll always be here in my heart. Naks! Corn flakes. LOL I miss...
13-08-08 17:49:49 | by kittiekat
Love isn't pe...
it isn't a fairy tale or a story book and it doesn't alwayz come easy...Love is overcoming obstacles,facing challenges,fighting to be together,holding on and never letting go...it is a short word,easy to spell,difficult to de...
13-08-08 17:40:42 | by leonilaverwin
the reality!!!!
I know how difficult it can be to look in the mirrorand be genuinely happy with what you see in frontof you. I don’t know anyone that looks atthemselves and thinks ‘yeah I’m bloody gorgeous’Truth is we look for flaws within our...
13-08-08 17:39:40 | by _aizerkhen_
the truth!!!
When someone decides to walk out of your life, that is the same moment in which the opportunity and space opens up for someone who actually deserves your love to finally walk in. -cool- -cool- -coo- -good- -good- -angel- -angel-
13-08-08 17:30:23 | by _aizerkhen_
Nagtitipon na ang puso ko ‘pag ako’y inaantok Wala na ‘kong pakialam kahit papakin pa ng lamok Kahit mainit, malamig basta’t napasandal Dire-diretso na ang tulog kahit bumarandal Well, okey lang, alam ko naman na magkikita pa n...
13-08-08 17:21:41 | by turling
I'm the truth
I know myself. .no need to prove else one. I'm the truth. . The truth of my life. Yes i exist in this earth of a special reason. I born to give myself a reason. I have all qualities to be best bt i never show to make others sad i...
13-08-08 15:57:14 | by Lovlysam
Bakit nga ba??
Bakit sa isang relasyon laging may pasaway, kya lging may away. Pero bkit yung iba madalas na mag away ndi pdin naghihiwalay . . Alam mo ba kung bkit?? . . Kasi laging may NAGPAPATALO at NAGPAPARAYA alang-alang sa PAGMAMAHAL na pinip...
13-08-08 15:49:51 | by Ianyan
i share lang
Sa mga nasa relasyon na puro away na nagbabalak na makipagbreak o sumuko. Sa dami na ng away na napagdaanan niyo ngayon pa kayo susuko. Parang nakakaloko naman diba? Tipong sa dami ng luhang bumagsak sa inyong mga mata eh ngayon niyo ...
13-08-08 15:20:26 | by rowena26
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