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Treasure of wat u ...
Once u meet the person who will make every of ur existence worth living,,,,Hold on to it but not too tight,,be jealous but not possessive,,,demand but not too bossy nd most especially,show LOVE as if its ur last day,,cause u never know...
13-08-06 07:06:13 | by Jeneela
My eyes
I stare to the madness, I see just my pain, It staring me back,drowning me in the sadness.. My tears flow,blinding me,just for vain for no reason My mind falling to the emptiness.. I stare in the mirror,once again, I see my eyes, i see...
13-08-06 05:57:14 | by Athena_vox
Hay BUHAY!!!
"Ang buhay, minsan para din iyang pelikula. Minsan masaya, minsan malungkot. Pero hindi katulad nito kapag nakopya mo na ay maaari mo na itong panoorin ng paulit-ulit. Ang mga pangyayari sa buhay ng tao, minsan lamang maganap. Kay...
13-08-06 05:31:36 | by parkha
-Ang buhay high sc...
Sa highschool hindi maiwasan ang magka crush .. Meron ngang mga babae na pag dumaan yung crush nila ay parang kiti-kiti kung kiligin at halos maghalupasay na sa tuwa.... Meron ding mga grupuhan ng mga magkakaibigan,, nauso ang honeybea...
13-08-06 05:20:39 | by _sweet-paula_
Acts of Word
"Words are not enough to make someone feel that you care for them. Sometimes, it needs a little effort to convince them that you really care" If U LovE HeR UlL NeED To Do Or U BetTEr Did It.. ...
13-08-06 04:44:30 | by 19tozhi68
I see demonic shadows Floating in the darkness Waitimg me to fall a sleep Searching a moment of my weakness. Shadows of death inside my head The outstanding pain .. in my brain.. Flames of hellfire.. in my eyes Smell of death.. in my ...
13-08-06 04:33:33 | by Athena_vox
^_^ hands of yours
Whatever our hands touch,we leave fingerprints.as we touch others lives we leave our identity.Life is better when you are happy.But life is at it'sbest when others are happy because of you. Be faithful in touching others heart. Be...
13-08-06 04:32:52 | by 19tozhi68
Smile :)
I love your eyes when u look at me i love your lips when u kiss me i love your ears when u hear me i love your hands when u take it my hand i love your smile when u talk with me i love your heart when she make me inlove ...
13-08-06 03:43:51 | by Deepakkk
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