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bAck ofF
Love, siMpLe wOrD , bUT sO hArD To pRovE .. sO, dOn'T sAy i LovE yoU whEn iTs n0t tRue coZ LoVe iS nOt a gAme. - kUnG wAla kaNg bAlak paniNdiGan, wAg mO nG siMuLan, bAck oFF kna lanG . Nang wala ka nG masAktan
13-08-03 19:04:00 | by saunhako
LOVE is beyond laughter, beyond beauty and beyond distance. Those are physical so if you intend to LOVE someone, be sure to ACCEPT the challenge called CHANGE
13-08-03 18:12:26 | by tobby
love me.
who loves me???send me couple rqst :) im waiting -smile-
13-08-03 17:54:08 | by Avnishsharma
Kung d ka makaalis sa iy0ng NAKARAAN wag m0 na balakin tumungt0ng sa KASALUKUYAN kasi sa mund0ng et0 wla kang alam
13-08-03 17:43:11 | by Imkenken
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...aanhin mu ang macho't gwapo ...kung d nmn sayo...
13-08-03 17:27:05 | by Flicker
aanhin mo ang pag-ibig na WAGAS kung ang iniibig mo naman ay HUDAS mas mabuti pa ang mukhang UNGAS kung mamahalin ka nman ng WAGAS
13-08-03 17:23:12 | by hotbody14
Music, very import...
Just write down all about MUSIC folkz. .have fun
13-08-03 17:22:12 | by pearljam

Love is any of a number of emotions and
experiences related to a sense of strong affection
and attachment.
13-08-03 17:13:28 | by wafalovely
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