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Don’t let it be in a moment of weakness when you’re feeling alone and just want someone familiar to comfort you. Don’t let it be when you’re drowning your sorrows in a bottle and you send a text message that your future self wi...
18-10-24 02:16:30 | by Suchalovelyroses
To The Fallen Girl...
Defining love is a hideous task yet it has its charm in everyones life. Its defintion changes as we interact with different people.Regardless of which its common denominations are happiness and sorrow. A pretty face,having high intelec...
18-10-24 01:56:49 | by Suchalovelyroses
In today's world,everything have become based on "Value". So how do you Value a person? Looks? Status? Race? Accomplishments? Personality? If only it was so simple, to put a person on a scale and get their Value. But peo...
18-10-23 22:39:08 | by ---__---
I'm just gonna share my travel experience with my family and cousins last month.. When I woke-up that day before we go...I thought its just a normal day...normal routine.. THEN..!!! My uncle call us and envite us...th...
18-10-23 17:50:22 | by Bee_hive00
Time is golden
I used to think of the many countless wasted times I've spent just doing nothing. You know that holy time when you silently start to wish and hope for the unlikely or curse for a bad day. That time when you just love staring at th...
18-10-23 15:46:53 | by Suchalovelyroses
Art of self-love
Did you ever look in the mirror and for once appreciate those flaws and beauty in you? Have you ever stop comparing yourself to others? Did a day goes by that you have walked confidently without the insecurities? We are all made for a...
18-10-23 15:40:19 | by Suchalovelyroses
Never start a fire...
Stop giving false hopes. Humans are just humans as they are. Soft. Fragile. Emotional. No matter how they seem to look so strong and composed, nobody knows how they breakdown inside the walls of their room. Never start a fire if you do...
18-10-23 15:34:10 | by Suchalovelyroses
Accept the thing u...
You have to understand that there are certain things in life you cannot control. You have to accept that at some point, no matter how tight your grip is, you have to learn to let go.. You see, people's ways were quiet perplexing a...
18-10-23 15:19:20 | by Suchalovelyroses
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